Настоящая пенджабская бхангра. “Панджаби бхангра”…

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Да, это настоящая бхангра! Без излишних примитивных “хип-хоп”-наворотов. Гурдас Манн поет легендарную песню “Чалла” (“Challa”). Суфийский сюжет песни (про любовь и про кольцо) весьма эзотеричен.

Перевод одного четверостишия этой песни:
ho jaavo ni koi mor liyavo – Кто-нибудь, верните его!
(Версия 2: Он покинул меня, как его вернуть?!)
ni mere naal gaya ajj lad ke – Он покинул меня после ссоры…
oh Allah kare jeh aa jaave sohna – О Господь, умоляю, верни его!
devan jaan kadma vich dhar ke – Отдам ему всю свою жизнь.

Да, что и говорить, музыка сикхов очень красива!


Текст песни полностью с переводом на английский:

This song is basically addressing to the Challa or a ring given by her beloved. It is traditional for lovers to give each other rings. Challa for the female given by the male and the male gets a Mundri from the female. the Challa is symbolic of a mans love for his woman, circular in shape, symbolising the fact that true love has no beginning and no end.
The song represents the feelings of a heart broken, and as her lover is not there, she pours out her heart into the most sacred symbol of this love, and asks why has she been the victim of this torture
Now the background to the song is that the girls lover is now residing very far away and alone she has no one to talk to and tell them how much she misses him. So, the only thing she has to talk to is the challa. She opens her heart to the challa, which is the only precious thing she has left, given to her by him. She tells the challa all her inner feelings.

ho jaavo ni koi mor liyavo,
ni mere naal gaya ajj lad ke,
oh allah kare jeh aa jaave sohna,
devan jaan kadma vich dhar ke.

The above requires no explanation.

ho challa beri oye buhe, ve vatan mahi da door e,
ve jaana pehle poor e, ve gall sun challeya chora,
ve kahda laya ee jhora.
Beri is a plant growing by the front door, buhe (darwaze). So a deeper meaning is when its in season that is when I will go meet my lover. This is depicted by flowers on the beri which later turn to fruit. She turns to the ring and says ..you thief why have you given this grief to my life.

ho challa khooh te dhariye, challa khooh te dhariye
ve gallan mooh te kariye,
ve sacche rabb ton dariye, ve gall sun challeya dhola,
ve rabb ton kahda ee ohla.

A more deeper meaning could be put to this line. In the olden days the girls were only allowed out as far as the village well. It was assumed to be like a big outing for the girls. So at this time the girl is saying she will meet her lover at the well when he also comes to drink water. So anything that has to be said can be said there and then. So dont give me grief and be afraid of God. Dont put a veil between you and God. Basically God can see everything even if you hide.

ho challa kaaliyan mirchan, ve mauhra pee ke marsaan,
ve sire tere chadsan, ve gall sun challeya dhola,
ve saad ke keeta ee kola.

Maura is a herb called Thornapple in English and is known to be poisonous. So basically she is saying here that what else is left as my lover is giving me so much grief that she will take poison and blame it on him. What you have done has burnt my inner soul to charcoal. Its like the weather has turned to black clouds, threatening all sorts of bad events.

ho challa nau nau theve, ve puttar mithde meve,
ve allah sabh nu deve, ve gall sun challeya kanvaan,
ve manvaan thandiyan chaanvan.

Theva is a technique of gracing ornaments. One meaning here is that so much effort has been put to grace (adorn) this ring, that like going to a special event it is dressed up and looks very handsome. Like mothers love their sweet sons, so she asked God to give this kind of son to every mother.

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  2. Мне очень понравилась песня – с душой и размахом написана и исполнена! И кадры из фильма напомнили многое…

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